uhhuh 10/10 clones would recommend
10/10 clones would recommend
"tell it to the angels sarah, you're already dead"

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my life is slowly becoming a evelyne brochu and tatiana maslany appreciation life, you feel me?

orphan black meme | 1/2 clones: helena

"When I was seven, the nuns said I had devils inside me. Sister Olga locked me in cellar. She gave me darkness. So, I gave her darkness."


Sarah’s daughter helps her catch Rachel “the prokémon” pokémon, and Delphine is jealous.






This scene. It makes me quite sad. You see Delphine talking about her life, what she does when she’s not with Cosima. And she seems lonely. Delphine doesn’t have any friends out of the clone club and even they don’t like or accept her. It really breaks my heart to see her like this, so vulnerable, and so alone…

Everything about Delphine this season makes me sad, if I think about it too much. My heart just aches for what she’s gone through, and I absolutely can’t wait to see the flip side of this next season. Happy, loved Delphine is something a long time coming, I think.

so literally has no one apart from cosima, and even leekie even though i try and ignore that. but now leekie is dead, and she’s facing the only person she has left dying too.

oh don’t mind that shattering sound it’s only my heart, not like i needed it anyway

We need more shows like Orphan Black. Not only does the show tell a compelling story but it also showcases a cast of characters from different family structures and walks of life without calling too much attention to its themes, which offer a variety of perspectives. (x)

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MGMT - Electric Feel (Sped Up 10%)

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